Cadle Memorial

Steve Gregory and his son, Ethan, leave flowers at the memorial site and scene of a car accident that claimed the life of Mount Baker High School student Kourtney Cadle Sunday morning, Nov. 7, at the corner of Mount Baker Highway and Mitchell Road. Cadle was on her way to catch a bus for a volleyball tournament when she was stopped to make a left turn onto Mitchell Road. Her car was then hit from behind and pushed into oncoming traffic, where it was then hit by a semi-truck. Steve Gregory, who didn’t know Cadle, said he arrived at the scene of the accident shortly after it occurred, where he tried to do anything to help. “I knew there was nothing I could do,” Gregory said. “Last night I prayed for the family and friends but thought that wasn’t enough so we went into town for flowers this morning. I wish there was more I could do for the family. She’s in a good place.”

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